The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Your Car Transporters

by on December 3, 2012

Your car is your baby, and of all people who you think would understand that, in this case, the government does. Shocking, we know! But it’s true. The government mandated Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was established in the year 2000 to ensure that car transport companies have a strict set of guidelines to follow when it comes to transporting your car. Meeting these nationally mandated and federally regulated guidelines should be one of the first things you look for when choosing companies.

You can also find a lot of these transporters online. It makes it quick and easy to get your quote, find out what services they offer, and loads of other information that you need. After all, we’ve all had to deal with customer service before. Sometimes the customer service is far below par or else they have completely different information from other branches of the service. Luckily, with a website, you can see what is offered and the info is all the same. Not to mention if you aren’t the sort to deal with people, you spend minimal people doing so. The most you have to do is talk to them on the phone for your quote!

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Spend time reading online reviews about the various car transport companies. People will often share their experience with the different car transport companies and usually these reviews can often be found right online. The key to remember is take everything with a grain of salt. While online reviews can be helpful it is also important to not believe everything we read. On the other hand if there is nothing but negative reviews about the car transport companies this could be a sign that the company may not be the best for you

When you do it on your own the only way to get it there is to drive it on your own and that can be time consuming and costly for you, but the professionals can do it easily and without delay so you can have your automobile to the new location when you need it to be there.

If you have spotted any leaks or mechanical issues, be sure to let car carrier know. If you car is going on a multi-car trailer it should be placed on the bottom rack to prevent spilling on cars below.

7. Does the company require a deposit before they will transport your automobile?

Here’s what you should look for in a company.

4. Is there a way for you to keep track of your car during the car transporters transport process?

At the time that a client gives the payment to the car transport operator it should be in the form of cash or cashier’s check. If purchaser can’t make payment at the time of drop-off, he should bear all the storage expenses of the vehicle. Should it transpire that customer can’t accept delivery for whatever basis, his automobile will be put in storage.

Now that you really understand the many reasons why you would be smart to trust a reliable car transporter to move your automobile for you to a new location, you now have a decision to make. Do you make the wise choice for your move to a new location or do you try and do the moving all on your own, including transporting your automobile and hope you can do it easily and safely?

Common issues that crop up with auto shippers include mishandling of the vehicles and failure to pay up for damages. These are the most common problems, though you may run into others. By selecting a reliable service, you are far more likely to avoid these issues. Look for reviews, talk to previous clients and also get a feel for the actual company by speaking with them and checking out their website.

Post Delivery

It is the responsibility of the transporter to provide insurance for the vehicle. All claims will be settled at tangible cost. If the consumer wants to cancel the order it has to be in writing.

Choosing FMCSA Following Car Transport Companies Means Safety

Constructing targeted educational messages to the drivers of carriers as well as other commercial drivers and the general public

Partnering with stakeholders including federal, state, and local enforcement agencies, the motor carrier industry, safety groups, and organized labor on efforts to reduce bus and truck-related crashes.

Some companies will offer a lower rate if you frequently require their services of car transportation. UK car transporters will also transport cars from auctions, lots, and other places.

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