Are doctors required to report workplace accidents?

by admin on May 25, 2010

Say I hit a curb in a bobcat, and there was no damage or anything, and I didn’t report it? But now I have a neck issue. I cannot go back and report the accident, as not reporting it is fire-able at my work. (But it was one of those things…it happens to everyone, no harm done, no damage, nobody saw, etc.) So if I go to the doc and tell them this happened at work are they required to alert WCB about it? I was planning to just describe a similar accident, but not in work vehicle. I know, I should have been honest to begin with.

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PooPooLaTrash May 25, 2010 at 11:56 pm

No, I don’t believe they are required to report them, but it will be noted in your medical record that the injury occurred at work. If that information gets to your insurance company, they may opt not to cover your claim if they feel it should be covered by workman’s compensation. You could also run into a problem if your doctor is your company’s doctor, but you can tell him you wish to take care of the treatment personally and not have it reported as a work-comp claim.

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