Changed my address but my mobile company keeps sending my bills to the wrong address for more than 1 year.?

by admin on September 2, 2010

I moved to a new address in Dec 2008 and updated my contact and billing details shortly after on my account on the company’s web site. I continue to pay by direct debit even though I have never received any Itemised bills by the post. In October 2009, my account was suspended. When I called to find out why, I was told the new occupant of my former address had called the company to report I no longer lived there and asked for no further mailings to be sent. So even though I had changed my address online, for some reason the company took no notice of this. They realised they were at fault, they apologised and as a good will gesture took £5 off my next bill. I thought this was over. The problem is, I still haven’t received any bills since then. I logged into my account online and the billing address still remains. And even worse it’s just a summary not itemised. I called the company and they confirmed they have still been sending my bills to my former address. For over a year I’ve been paying by direct debit without knowing the details of what I’m paying for. Do I have a case here? Can I sue for distress under the Data Protection Act? Does anyone know any no-win-no-fee solicitors who handle such cases? Thanks.

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Fadin Reigne September 2, 2010 at 9:25 am

That one is kinda tricky, if you had been continually attempting to get the mobile company to change your addy then yes, but you don;t really have a loss here, and you said its been going on for over a year. The only reason you did anything about it is because you experienced a loss of service, and then accepted the settlement of a fiver, no? You need to document each time you tried to tell them to change it, seems as though there would have to be a loss they did not cover for you…but hey you can always try.

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