charged for trespassing?

by admin on January 10, 2011

You play golf every Monday with a very close friend, after the game you’re in the club house and your friend gets a phone call, it’s his son crying on the phone saying he has just been beaten up by another child 2 years older.

You drove your friend to golf the game is already over your friend asks if you can drive him to the school.

Do you drive him to the school? YES NO

You reach the school and park at the side gate his son is waiting by the fence they talk for a while, and then enter the school grounds you believe he is going to the office. You get out of the car and follow him but loose site of where he went so you return to the car to wait.
Five minutes pass when you hear your friend yelling out sounding very distressed and upset you are unaware weather he has hurt himself falling down a flight of stairs or being attacked but you can hear him yelling loudly.

Do you follow the sound of his voice to ensure his well being YES NO

You have entered the school grounds you locate your friend he is not yelling any more but walking with his son and a group of teachers towards the office. You realize they are unhurt, safe and accompanied by teachers. You can be of no assistance everything seems under control.
You return to your vehicle by the side gate and drive it around to the front of the school not sure what had just happened or how long your friend would be you go to the office to enquire about your friend and his son. At that time you are asked to wait and the deputy principal will talk to you.

Do you wait and talk to the deputy principal YES NO

The principal tells you that your friend and his son have left and asks your name, you give this to him and leave the school grounds. Thinking you friend has gone home with his son you then travel home yourself.

Two hours later you are relaxing at home when the police come to your door and tell you that you are being charged with trespassing.

Did you had a reasonable excuse to be on the school grounds YES NO

You seek legal advice and have your solicitor send a letter of to the prosecutor explaining the circumstances asking the charges are dropped.

Do you think the charges should be dropped YES NO

The charges are not dropped you find out even if you win in court your legal fee’s are going to cost you 10 times the cost of a possible fine.

Do you fight the case or do you plead guilty even though you feel you are innocent.

this happened did you say yes to all tell me your thoughts

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Krystal January 10, 2011 at 4:07 am

yes to all of them. i would fight the case.

Dude January 10, 2011 at 4:07 am

troll, stop posting this everywhere

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