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by admin on September 14, 2011 Personal Injury Lawyer Chesapeake, Virginia 816 Greenbriar Circle, Suite 200 Chesapeake, VA 23320 Phone 757-802-3732 Fax: 866-945-9636 The Keys To Finding The Right Personal Injury Lawyer by Albert Hartley A personal injury lawyer could be necessary if you have been hurt because of someone’s negligence. While some people may feel awkward about filing a lawsuit, the fact is that you owe it to your family and loved ones to make sure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries. Their well being is at stake as much as your own. After the incident where you were injured, often times the insurance companies will attempt to get you to agree to a financial settlement before you have talked with a personal injury lawyer. If this does happen to you, it is important that you do not sign or agree to anything before meeting with your attorney. The first thing to look for when searching for a personal injury attorney is the type of experience they have had in helping people with similar cases. If the lawyer has helped other victims in the past, it is a good sign that they may be able to help you as well. You should also find a lawyer who is local and familiar with all of the city and state regulations that could influence the outcome of your lawsuit. These may be different from one location to the next, so having a local attorney can help prevent any unpleasant surprises as you move forward. You should schedule a meeting to talk with a prospective

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