Closed head trauma forever changes a Miami dad. Workplace Injuries-Pt.3

by admin on October 21, 2011

Catastrophic accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and always when you least expect them. And on July 22, 2004, Roberto Perez, a hardworking dad, was making his regular rounds delivering coffee in a Miami office building when catastrophe struck. A giant 10-foot, 250lbs. door just fell off its hinges and landed smack-dab on Roberto’s head and back. Roberto lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital. He suffered severe, traumatic brain injuries and horrible pains in his neck and in his head, buzzing in his right ear, dizziness, and radiating pain from his neck to his waist. He was nauseous and complained of problems with speech, memory, and problem-solving. He was treated by numerous doctors including a neurologist, a psychologist, a dentist, a psychiatrist, and family practitioners. But his major loss was his loss of ability to enjoy life. Roberto had changed drastically. He just shut down. Today the Insider Exclusive presents the true and tragic story of Roberto Perez and how his lawyers, Stewart Greenberg and Mark Stone, partners at the law firm of Greenberg and Stone, got justice for Roberto earning them the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike as one of the best plaintiff trial lawyers in Florida and in the nation. They have seen many innocent, hardworking people suffer needless injury through no fault of their own. Stewart and Mark are driven to help people who have been harmed by the negligent actions of others. Their goal is not only to get

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