CNC to Art Video 9 – SheetCAM and G-Code – CNC Artwork …

by admin on January 20, 2012

CNC to Art Video Series Video 8: This is the CNC Video series on how to take an image to a CNC File. This process is one that many CNC Users want to know, but there is not much info on. Here is your chance to get the inside scoop. For more information, please go to: SheetCAM is a great CAM Software program. We will use SheetCAM to define our tools and our CNC Process. First we pick the tool that we will use. Next we go through the different Machining Parameters and define them. Then we look at the start and stop points to see if they are in good location. Finally we post-process a g-code file that has all the information we need to machine or cut out the part. Post-Processors can easily be changed in SheetCAM. I have a unique one for my machine because I built my own machine. There are standard ones and customs one. Each of them produce a G-Code file that your CNC Control Software can execute.

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