Finding Representation for Statutory Civil Theft in Florida

by admin on February 22, 2011

Finding Representation for Statutory Civil Theft in Florida

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Home Page > Law > Personal Injury > Finding Representation for Statutory Civil Theft in Florida

Finding Representation for Statutory Civil Theft in Florida

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Posted: Feb 22, 2011 |Comments: 0

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In the state of Florida, victims of theft may be entitled to recover up to three-times the amount of their actual damages plus all costs and fees associated with making such a claim. Chapter 772 of Civil Remedies for Criminal Acts states that any person who can provide clear and convincing evidence that theft resulted in injury of any fashion is entitled to minimum damages of $200 and all attorney and court fees.

To obtain this compensation, you must provide a written demand for payment to which the other party has 30 days to reply. If the demand is met, the responsible party is released from further litigation or penalties.

Involving an Attorney

Statutory civil theft is not as cut and dry as it may initially appear. Proving clear and convincing evidence of injury can be terribly difficult in these cases. Additionally, the letter of demand must contain specific information to be considered legitimate. If either of these things is done incorrectly, your ability to obtain compensation may be negatively impacted.

An attorney who has experience in Florida’s statutory civil theft law can help you in writing your letter and in determining the amount to which you are entitled.  Like all personal injury lawsuits, you are much more likely to receive compensation when you involve a lawyer who has dealt with these cases before.

Hiring the Right Attorney

Statutory civil theft is a highly complex area of law. When selecting an attorney, you want to make sure he has sufficient experience in dealing with these sophisticated cases. For example, an attorney with years of experience in automobile accidents may not have any knowledge of statutory civil theft cases. Even the best medical malpractice attorney may lack the necessary knowledge to get you compensation in this very specific type of lawsuit.

Choosing the right attorney can be a daunting task. A simple phonebook or internet search can provide literally thousands of options for statutory civil theft attorneys. Making sure you select an attorney who has a proven record of success with statutory civil theft cases is essential to recovering your damages.

Make sure to ask your potential attorney about his experience with these cases. It is your right to seek the attorney most suited to your particular case, and interviewing several attorneys is a good idea to ensure the choice you make is the right one.

Residents in the state of Florida are protected under this unique statutory law. Having an attorney who knows the complexities of this law is the only way to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.


About the Author:
If you live in the Orlando, Florida area and have suffered any damages due to statutory theft, please visit the website of Colling, Gilbert, Wright & Carter today.
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