how can i break my cell phone contract with out paying a fee?

by admin on April 11, 2011

Alright lets start.About a year and a half ago my spouse purchased 2 dwelve phones from alltel with a 2 year contract. Then to ur surprise a couple months later alltel goes down and sells to verizon. Ok we sucked it up and everything was ok until 4 months ago. First lets start with that we don’t really use the phones much both of us just text mostly(got unlimited txt) and if we use the phone it always for no more than 3 min, but the point is we never have gotten close to even using up all of our minutes. So it started 4 months ago my wife lost her phone(which was on the side of the couch) for like 2 weeks. I had my phone and I used 80 min that month. then in the same month my phone broke, so by the end of that billing cycle i know for a fact (i checked the timer on all calls) both me and my wife had used 180 min.. Then we got the bill 0 saying that we went over 185 min., i argued with the phone rep. and told him there is no way we had gone over because we never had before and plus both phones were missing or not functioning for 2 weeks and both of us had called to tell them that her phone was lost and that mine the end we ended paying them we couldn’t win the fight even with evidence.ever since then we keep on going over our min. by 80 or 180. I’m tired of paying this much and want out.i tried breaking the contract by telling them i didn’t sign a contract with verizon But i did with alltel and the rep said he couldn’t because both companies merged. Oh here’s the funny part supposely i pay 0 for two lines 500 minutes (1droid 3G and a behold 1g), internet, and unlimitedd text and im still using the old alltel signal or satellite. I came to find this out after we went to the verizon store after moving to the house because we both of us get get very low signal(no 3G and always on 1 or no bars). The dude told me i could break my contract cause of that and was honest to tell me that verizon doesn’t do well at all around here. so he started to do when he asked me if I had originally had alltel and i responded yes. suddenly his face turned kinda paled and told me he had some bad news that i couldn’t break the contract because alltel has antannas or some stuff that are suppose get me a signal out here and hence couldn’t break the contract.the guy was honest and told me that several people had this problem and that people have had cussed him out and had gotten punched in 1 occasion. he also told me he had talked to company directly to help people out(he called the company to figure what was happening too) but had done it to many times that if supervisor saw him doing it again he could have gotten fired cause he had already gotten written up about it. So this most of my problems and a can honestly say i hate verizon and want then to go down(had verizon before and the screw me over bad back then too i had to pay almost 00 to get out of my contract and pay 2 month bill that had gone over min. and was making international phone calls with out the service (bunch of bull)).. i have have done research and found that finding some one to take over your contract is the best way to go and that is a good place to do it. I’m just kinda sketchy about because i never herd or known anyone who had done this. so if u can please give some feedback about it and if anything more ideas to break my contract.thank u guys very very much. oh and if any people out there also got problems contact the bbc and fcc to report them so verizon can get there heads out of their ***.

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    hrd2rstt April 11, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    first you need to be able to prove that the service in your area is bad. You need to turn the cells on and g outside and within a 5 mile radious of your house and take pictures of the bars on the cell phone. Try and make a few calls and see if the calls drop this will make a record of drop calls for you to use against verizon.
    Then call verizon and they will send some prof out to test the area, beleive me they arent going to just through up a cell tower because one customer is having problems this is where you beat them at there own game
    then cal bbb and file a complaint, using all of these items against them. they have 30 days to comply or make a decision to let the bad mark stand against there name verizon!!! o beleive me they wont
    they have to offer a solution to you to close the complaint!!!
    your time to shine and ask to just be released from contract=)
    good luck

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