How much does my FAFSA cover when out of state?

by admin on May 5, 2011

I am a current resident of Texas, and my EFC is 00000, but does this apply to me going out of state? I currently attend a community college and I don’t have to pay a cent, but I want to attend a four-year university in Oregon, complete with boarding, etc. Does my FAFSA only apply to in-state tuition? (Because in Texas, one of my prospective majors isn’t offered anywhere…) How far will it go, and what am I realistically expected to contribute?

As of now, my two classes in college that I’m currently taking are easily covered- only a few thousand dollars, but with out of state fees, there is no way I will have to contribute nothing, looking at costs of ,000+. I’m hoping to win many scholarships, so I’m not *entirely* worried, and with federal pell grants and loans, and hopefully a high-paying career to pay back my loans with… Please tell me what you know/what I should do.

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    Ryan May 5, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    The FAFSA is a federal application, which means the information you provide can be used by whatever school you choose, regardless of your residency. If you wish to go out of state, while you will likely be subjected to an out of state tuition rate you might be eligible for some need-based grants by the school or government, particularly if your EFC is currently $0 and will likely remain that way. There are any number of opportunities to reduce the costs for you, and if going out of state gives you the opportunity to study in the field you want, don’t let the in-state/out of state issue slow you down. Talk to an Financial Aid advisor at the school you wish to attend; they can give you a good idea of what options may be available to you. Good luck!

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