How to Get Free or Low-Cost Treatment for Depression

by on May 8, 2013

The Medicine Program – The Medicine Program’s free services include: a plan, a nurse hotline, a plan, a medical plan, a vision plan and medical records storage. Their advantages are subsidized by operating Google advertisements on their site.

Physicians are provided by free Samples – Often pharmaceutical companies with free samples. Ask your physician is he or she has any examples on hand of one’s treatment. I used to get all my Buspar in this manner.

OPTIONS TO PRESCRIPTION MEDS There are many herbals and nutraceuticals on the market that are reputed to work well as antidepressants and anti-anxiety solutions. They demand a prescription and do are low priced. St. John’s Wort, melatonin, Kava Kava and Valerian have all been quite effective for me personally.

E. John’s Wort (depression)
Evening Primrose Oil (PMS, PMDD)
Vitamins and Minerals (depression)
Valerian (anxiety and sleep)

Falling Scale Fees – Some services may have sliding-scale fees. Centered on your earnings, his or her fees will be reduced by the provider. Negotiate a Fee with Your Doctor – Other vendors, if they are conscious of your financial constraints, may be willing to discuss a payment plan that you can afford or to lower their rates based on what your home insurance plan pays.

Community Mental Health Centers – Many communities have community mental health centers (CMHCs). These stores provide a range of mental health treatment and guidance services, generally at a reduced charge for low-income people. CMHCs generally require that you’ve a private insurance program or be considered a person of public assistance.

Pastoral Counseling Programs – Your church or synagogue may put you in touch with a pastoral counseling program. Certified pastoral counselors, who’re ministers in a recognized religious body, have high level degrees in pastoral counseling, in addition to skilled counseling experience. Pastoral counseling is frequently presented on a sliding-scale fee.

Still another solution is to join a small group or some sort of support group. These organizations give people a chance to talk about and work with their typical problems-such as interactions, substance abuse, depression, family problems, and alcoholism. Self-help groups are generally free and can be found in many communities, including church groups or simply local communities. You may also join an online support group right here at About. We have a support group meeting 24-hours per day inside our chat room.
For more information about Self-Help Groups: American Self-Help Clearinghouse Northwest Covenant Clinic
Denville, NJ 07834-2995

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