I have an unemployment appeal on Tuesday. What should I do to win my case?

by admin on April 25, 2011

My name is Jessica and in August I was working for an urgent care as a medical assistant and supervisor. I had worked there for 5 yrs. no formal write up and no complaints to my knowledge. I was a good & loyal employee. I became good friends with the receptionist(Mary) who happened to be the daughter of the manager. As a supervisor I made bank deposits on top of patient care. Prior to my promotion Mary had been the supervisor. I knew Mary had some money issues but never thought anything of it.On 8/16 Mary confessed to me that she had taken company funds because she had an emergency and didn’t have anywhere else to go. She said she would pay the money back at the end of the week. I made a huge error in judgment and gave her a week to pay the money back. I trusted her and had never had a reason to not trust her. When Friday came she still had not paid the money back. I was supposed to take the deposit to the bank and make sure there were cash envelopes for the weekend staff but because she had taken money I only had enough to do one so I went to the bank to make change for the weekend cash envelopes. When I returned my manager was there & asked me where I had been. I told her the truth that I went to the bank to get change. Unknown to me Mary had told her that I went to make the deposit which was not true. My manager called me into her office & asked me if I had really went to the bank because she couldn’t find a deposit slip. I closed the door and proceeded to tell her and the admin asst. that I didn’t not make a deposit because Mary had taken money. I obviously was upset at myself for trusting Mary but I told the truth including the bad judgment I made in giving her time to pay the money back. Mary was called into the office & asked by her mother(our manager) if she had taken money. Mary denied it. I started to cry because I felt so betrayed! I looked at her a told her to please tell the truth but she didn’t. I got very upset & said I quit & left the room. the admin asst.(Jen) followed me out and told me she believed me (we had worked together for 5 yrs-she knows the kind of person I am).I had to leave to pick my children up from school. After I had calmed down I called the Jen and told her I was upset when I said I quit and that I didn’t want to leave the company. She said she that was fine and would tell the manager I was not quitting. Later that evening I was called by Jen & asked if I could come back to the office to speak with her and the manager. I came back and I was told by the manager that she has spoken to the owner of the company & that he said regardless if I took the money or not I was responsible for it & that I was going to be let go. My exact word to my manager where "so am I fired?" she the told me "well you can resign if you want." I of course did not want a termination on my record for future employment so I agreed to resign in exchange for a letter of recommendation. She agreed & I signed a from that said I resigned. There was also no formal investigation and I was unable to talk to the owner of the company. I was denied by unemployment bc the employer is saying that I was presented with the fact that my performance had been poor recently and that when I heard this I quit on my own fee will without knowledge of whether they were going to terminate me or not. Come to find out Mary is a convicted felon for forgery and theft. She lied on her app & her mother (the manager) didn’t say anything. Obviously I wouldn’t have given her the benefit of the doubt when she said she would repay the money had I know about her past. a few days later I brought up the fact that even though I was responsible for the money, Mary had access to safe keys and safe codes and that she also admitted to me that she took the money off her shift. An evening shift employee walked in & was asked if he had ever seen Mary in the office off the clock touching company money. He verified that he had seen her several times off the clock getting into the safe. I never received my letter of recommendation and have been given nothing but the run around. It all started as soon as I filed for unemployment. I have no proof that they are being untruthful or unfair. The only defense I have is that I worked for the company for 5 yrs with no major issues. I also have a very stable past work history, only 3 (including the urgent care) jobs since I was 16 and both previous employers would hire me back. I am afraid bc I have seen them lie their way out of unemployment benefits for other employees. What do I do and how do I plead my defense? Sorry this is so long but I wanted to be as detailed as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me.

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    Penny April 25, 2011 at 8:55 am

    You should of already spoken and received the advice of a lawyer, as well as the labor board. You put yourself in a bad position and you know it. The company can fire you for the cover-up, lying and not doing your job. Go and and tell the truth. Whether or not you will receive compensation will depend on the mediation board.
    Good luck.

    big t.i.t.s April 25, 2011 at 8:55 am

    OMG tooooooooo much INFO i looked at this and it made my eyes hurt !!!

    Mopar Muscle Gal April 25, 2011 at 8:55 am

    you signed a form that you resigned – I believe you are out of luck

    24Special April 25, 2011 at 8:55 am

    You might want to mention that the manager of the company is related to Mary the person who told you took the money and is now lying about it and how her mother the manager said if you resigned they would give you a letter of recommendation and they never did. The manager and her daughter should be investigated,(you might want to suggest that to them). Let them know you have proof of other people seeing her go into the safe. I’m sure if you tell them this they will investigate it.

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