I Need A Denver Injury Attorney

by on April 21, 2013

Recently I had gotten into a bad car accident. I was rear ended in traffic and my back and neck were injured. The accident was a couple weeks ago and I was still in pain.

I had been to the doctor a couple times and I was not happy with the outcome. The doctor really did not seem to care about me and the pain I was in, he just wanted to give me drugs. I did not like taking so much medicine, I just wanted to know why I was in so much pain. Since I was using the insurance from the other person, I had to use the doctor they sent me to. I asked about changing doctors and they said they would not pay for it. I was not happy about that.

I talked to my insurance company and asked them what I should do. They said it might be time for me to get a lawyer. I had never had to hire a lawyer before so my insurance agent told me about a good Denver personal injury lawyer that he really liked. I really did hope that an attorney could help me. I did not like being in pain.

I called the Denver personal injury attorney. We had a long talk and he seemed like he could help me. He wanted me to feel better, too, and agreed the doctor was not doing a good job taking care of me.

I worked with the best Denver injury attorney that I met. He helped me get a new doctor and I was able to start healing. I was very thankful for that. I really did not like causing trouble for others, but I wanted to feel normal again.

I was grateful for my insurance agent and his recommendation. I was able to get a lawyer that helped me out and worked to get me what I needed. Not only did we get a new doctor, but he helped me get compensated for the work I missed as well as money for suffering. I did not even know I was entitled to that.

This was not a good time in my life. I really did not know that an accident could cause so much chaos in my life. Luckily, though, I had a good insurance company and found a wonderful lawyer that as able to help me through this time.

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