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by admin on February 18, 2012

Idaho Personal Injury Attorneys (208) 378-8882 The Idaho Personal Injury Attorneys at Montgomery Law have prepared this information to assist accident victims in getting a fair and adequate settlement for their claim. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you know what a life altering experience it can be. If you’re like most people, you’d be satisfied to have your health back like it was before the accident. Unfortunately, the law can’t do that. It can only require that the person at fault, or their insurance company, pay you for your injuries and damages. Call Idaho Personal Injury Attorneys Today. Idaho Personal Injury Attorneys. Its not unusual for a person to be confused, upset and possibly even unconscious after an accident. Knowing what to do can help the immediate situation and will help with your accident claim later on. Idaho Personal Injury Attorneys make the following important suggestions: 1 – Call the police immediately or ask someone else to do it. 2 – Request an ambulance if anyone is injured. 3 – Don’t move the vehicles before the police arrive unless they pose a hazard. 4 – Exchange drivers’ insurance information. 5 – Get contact information for any witnesses. 6 – Obtain medical treatment immediately. 7 – If the police don’t prepare an accident report, make certain you file one yourself as soon as possible. 8 – Report the accident to your insurance company. 9 – Contact your own insurance company if you have no fault medical benefits available. 10- Don’t

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