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by admin on April 7, 2012 Injury at work can you be fired if you claim? This is one of the most common questions that we come across as a firm of work accident solicitors. The simple answer is that an employer in most circumstances cannot sack an injured employee simply because they decide to make a claim for compensation following an accident suffered during the course of their employment. However, there are risks associated with making a claim of this kind and it is only right that an employee fully understands what may or may not happen if a claim goes ahead. The first important issue to determine is whether the employee has been working in the same job for more than 12 months. If so, then the employee is entitled to full employment rights and would be able to consider an unfair dismissal claim and tribunal action were he or she to be fired in these circumstances. However, it follows that if you have been working for less than 12 months in the same job, you have very limited legal rights and will probably not be able to bring a claim for unfair dismissal. Assuming that you do have full employment rights, the employer must be very careful in terms of how they handle your injury related absence and your return to the workplace. The key thing to remember you find yourself in this position is to always seek legal advice from a qualified solicitor. A work accident solicitor will be able to fully inform you about your legal rights and explain how you can protect your interests

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