Learning About PCI Compliance

by Allan Hanlen on August 30, 2013

The PCI compliance rules are there to protect the online shopper. With e
commerce and other online business, you have to know what these rules
are, and you have to know you are following them, so that your customers
are safe. As an online shopper, people want to know you have taken the
safety measures and have put in the effort to keep them safe. So, if you
are a business owner, you have to let them know you have, and you have
to let them know what you have done, in order to ensure they are not
going to have their info compromised when they are going to do any
shopping on the site. If you not only follow the PCI compliance rules,
but also take more steps to protect your online customer, this is going
to do much more good in the long run. It is going to cost a bit more up
front for more safety, but it is going to build up the trust, which is
in turn going to mean that the customer is going to be a loyal one, and
will shop with you more often in the future, and will spend more on your
site over time as well. This means more profit in the long run for your

Even if you are going to spend more to protect the
shopper, you are going to learn it is well worth any cost you do spend
if you are keeping them safe. When a customer trusts a business, not
only do they continue to shop with them, they are also going to say
great things about the business. This word of mouth marketing is not
only positive, it is also free, and is going to bring in more new
shoppers to your site as well. So, you will spend a little more to keep
the shopper safe, but it is greatly going to pay off for you as the
business owner. It is not only going to mean more shopping with the
loyal customer, it is also going to mean new customers are going to come
in to the site as well over time. So, it is up to you to take the time
and to keep your site safe; doing this will result in far more business
and it is going to mean much more in the profits over a period of time.

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