Nashville Personal Injury Attorney | Can I get financial compensation in a personal injury claim?

by admin on January 23, 2012

Visit to get your FREE Guide that tells you what you need to know about personal injuries and personal injury law suits. The Guide tells you: (1) The Questions you must answer before you have your first meeting with an Attorney (2) 5 “Must Ask Questions” to ask an Attorney before you schedule your first meeting (3) The Steps that you must take to find the Attorney that will fight for your rights. What Is An Injury And What Are Some Examples Of a Personal Injury? A personal injury or bodily injury is any physical, mental or emotional harm to a person caused by the negligent or intentional action of another. Examples of some incidents that give rise to a personal injury claim are: motor vehicle and tractor trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, wrongful death as well as workplace injuries. Have you been seriously injured in an accident? You have a choice of Attorneys. Some Attorneys rely on Paralegals or Case Managers to handle your case. But your case is important to us. You need to have a personal relationship with your Attorney. If that appeals to you, give me a call today. We are winning our fight for justice. Call Luvell Glanton (615) 244-4511 Luvell Glanton is the Nashville Personal Injury Attorney who will fight for your rights.

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