Part 1 – Personal Injury Attorney Richard Griffin featured on Lawyer Talk with Adam Goldfein

by admin on January 2, 2012

Atlanta personal injury Attorney Richard Griffin of The Griffin Law Firm was featured as the legal expert on the Lawyer Talk show on CW Atlanta with host, Adam Goldfein. The topics addressed in this show were about personal injury and wrongful death claims. The topics included: (1) What damages can I recover for my personal injury claim? (2) Why is it critical to hire a personal injury lawyer? (3) What are the ways a good personal injury attorney can increase the value of your case? (4) How can a good personal injury attorney help me get medical treatment even if I do not have health insurance? (5) What mistakes to avoid if you are representing yourself? (6) How can I get a free consultation to know what my case is worth? (7) How does Attorney Richard Griffin use the latest jury verdict technology to increase the personal injury recoveries for his clients? FREE CONSULTATION: Call The Griffin Law Firm at 866-847-6545 or submit your case via the website This show aired on 10/22/11 on CW Atlanta (Channel 69) a show that “features Atlanta’s top lawyers”.

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