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by admin on March 12, 2011

www.cbmclaw.com 866-466-5789 If you sustain an injury on the job that is caused by the conduct of a third party, you can sue that third party. Contact Caroselli Beachler McTiernan & Conboy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for third party claims. [GRAPHIC CAROSELLI BEACHLER McTIERNAN & CONBOY, cbmclaw.com, No matter how you have been injured, we can help. PITTSBURGH | 412-567-1232, PHILADELPHIA | 215-792-6153, TOLL FREE | 866-466-5789] JOHN W. MCTIERNAN: If you sustain an injury on the job that is caused by the conduct of some third party, while you cannot sue your employer, you are allowed by law to sue that third party. FRED C. SOILIS: Common example would be someone who is driving a car as part of their job and is involved in a motor vehicle accident that is caused by another individual. They can sue that other individual in a court of law and collect damages including pain and suffering and at the same time for the same injury collect workers’ compensation benefits from their employer. THOMAS G. SMITH: You are entitled under those circumstances to bring an action in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. It’s important that one law firm handle both of those claims because the one hand has to know what the other is doing. And sometimes there’s competing interests. And you have to look at the entire picture to make sure that when you’re resolving one or the other that they’re receiving the maximum benefit in the entire claim. [GRAPHIC: CAROSELLI BEACHLER McTIERNAN

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