Preserving Post-Car Accident Evidence

by admin on March 16, 2011

Preserving Post-Car Accident Evidence

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Home Page > Law > Personal Injury > Preserving Post-Car Accident Evidence

Preserving Post-Car Accident Evidence

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Posted: Mar 16, 2011 |Comments: 0

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If you are involved in a car accident, it is vital that you keep any and all paperwork regarding the accident just in case you decide to file a lawsuit later. If you preserve all post-car accident evidence, your chances of winning your case greatly increase. Car accidents often become personal injury cases if injuries and significant damage to vehicles occur, and collecting the proper evidence is crucial to ensuring your success in the case.

There are many ways car accidents can become personal injury or negligence cases. If one driver fails to obey traffic laws, signs, signals, or crashes because he or she was driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, he or she could face serious consequences, and the other driver could be eligible to receive financial compensation for their related expenses, such as medical expenses and lost wages.

Evidence Preservation Suggestions

If you are in an automobile accident, take the following steps to ensure all evidence is preserved for a later date:

Take as many pictures as you can to recreate the scene, including pictures of all involved vehicles and the surrounding scene
Obtain the names and contact information of any eye witnesses to the accident
Keep up with all records that you believe pertain to the accident like insurance records and any paperwork from doctor appointments

Take pictures from different distances and from different angles. Be sure to focus on specific details. Also, be sure to take pictures of the road conditions and any other factors that may have contributed to the accident, such as covered, broken, or missing road signs. Take pictures of skid marks, road debris, and anything else that may help an expert recreate the scene if necessary to successfully pursue your personal injury claim.

If you or someone with you suffered an injury in the car accident, it is necessary to photograph the extent of the injury to pursue a personal injury claim. If you are photographing an injury at close range, it is a good idea to include a ruler in the picture, if possible, so viewers can see the actual size of the injured area. You will also want to document the healing process with photos and copies of medical records.

You should also take the time to write detailed notes about the accident. Your claim may take months to resolve. In that time, specific details of the accident can be easily forgotten if you do not take the time to write everything down while it is fresh in your mind.

At the time of the accident, be sure to ask for a copy of the police report, and if it does not contain a diagram of the accident, draw one yourself. Your personal notes should include information about when the accident occurred, what you were doing at the time of the accident, who was involved in the accident, any injuries and/or damages, the name of the police officer, details about road conditions, and any other information that will help you recall what happened.

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