Safety Awareness in the Workplace – Understanding Safety Awareness Safetycare free video preview

by admin on January 31, 2011

In the past, safety was often regarded as just an adjunct to production. Today, it is well recognised that managing safety issues efficiently and effectively will contribute to an organisation’s financial viability and it will demonstrate a commitment to the most valuable asset of any organisation; its people. Safety awareness is the starting point to accident prevention. Included in this program: • What is an Accident? • Why do accidents occur? • Who is responsible for safety? • Safety policies. • Recognition, evaluation and control of hazards. • Safe work procedures. • Manual handling. • Good Housekeeping practices. • Use of tools and equipment. • General safety requirements. What is Safety Awareness? It’s a responsibility, a commitment, an obligation. It’s common sense, teamwork and safe work procedures. It’s recognising hazards and showing a willingness to act to control any hazard present. The program has been designed for all personnel. It can be used as a general safety training program and can also be utilised as an induction program for new personnel to introduce safety concepts.

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