Why Don’t More People File Whiplash Personal Injury Claims? Injury Lawyers Ft. Lauderdale

by admin on October 11, 2011

www.bestinjurylawyerfortlauderdale.com Some people do not make a whiplash accident claims after a minor car accident because of some common misconceptions about whiplash injuries. This is very common in whiplash cases. On common reason given for not filing a whiplash claim is “my whiplash injury did not appear for quite awhile after the accident, how can I make a claim for something that did not happen right away?” This is quite common. Sometimes whiplash symptoms occur instantly. Some people cannot even get out of the car. However, with numerous cases the symptoms do not occur until the next day or even later. Just because the symptoms take some time to appear does not make this whiplash case any less valid. Some people walk away from the accident feeling like nothing happened and the next day it hits them. Pain, stiffness, difficulty in walking. All those who work in this field know this is common with whiplash cases. “The accident was very minor, with hardly any damage to the cars, so how can I make a claim for a whiplash injury?

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