will i win this? (this is long)?

by admin on February 23, 2011

so at the beginning of december, i picked up a friend and we were gonna go out to eat, then a cop pulled us over. i was polite and respectful to the cop, but the cop was stern and rude to me. he said the reason why he pulled me over is because "he ran my license plate and my insurance was suspended". as a result, he took my license plate and gave me a 3 fine (i live in pennsylvania where not having insurance was illegal). granted, i know i can’t say i didn’t know (and i really didn’t because i paid my insurance thru my mom), but i thought about it.

i turned off of a street onto route ##, i drove down the road, made a right turn at light (which i was able to make that turn and the light was green). and he pulled me over there. it was 8 p.m. on a saturday night. all the lights on my car work, turn signals and all. i didn’t swerve, we weren’t loud, my windows aren’t tinted (another law, if they are too dark), i didn’t speed, i didn’t have a wild passenger, we were wearing our seatbelts (also a law), we had no drugs, alcohol, etc., so there was NO reason for the cop to pull me over, let alone run my plates. i had to pay the fine plus a court fee, 0. i had to pay the insurance company (obviously, the matter was resolved 2 days later, it was a bad check), and i had to pay penndot 0 to get my plate back (the cop didn’t tow my car, howeve if i was seen driving in another borough without a plate, then i was screwed). however, i believe it was racial profiling. (i hate that term).

i am a black male, the passenger is white female. she lives in a predominantly rich, white neighborhood. the car i drive is a 94 chrsyler concorde. it has 2 missing hubcaps. i’m thinking, maybe the cop thought i was a drug dealer or something and pulled me over on suspicion? i have no clue. i’m 19 years old. i’m not in college. i work. i have bills. i’m well educated for not being in college. yeah, i’ve been suspended a few times, but i was NEVER arrested before. this whole ordeal has me freaking out. the court hearing is january 21st.

i asked alot of people for advice, now i’m asking the people of yahoo! answers.

1) was he right for pulling me over? if so, why?
2) do i actually have a chance to win this case? explain why please.
3)can i get back the 0 spent in this whole ordeal that should have never happened? explain why please.
4)can i sue? and if i can..a)what do i have to do? such as a lawyer and such? b) how much can i sue for?…i heard ,000-,000 was common.. and c) do i have a realistic chance of winning?
5)any other comments would be nice.

thank you for reading this. i hope you have a nice day/night.
if you are at a red light, at a complete stop, and someone hits you. it’s their fault. because you need a car, you pay to get it fixed plus a rental in the meantime. you SHOULDN’T have to pay for that but you have to. should you not be reimbursed by anyone or be out the money for something that should have never happened? i don’t want my insurance to be paid, that’s NOT the issue. i mainly want the money for the fine and the money i paid penndot back.

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    tallerfella February 23, 2011 at 4:17 am

    He ran the plate. The insurance company reported that the insurance was suspended. He pulled you over as you were in violation of the law.

    Why should anyone but you pay for the insurance? As far as the fine is concerned, you’re lucky he didn’t tow and impound your vehicle. In my state, the car is held for 30 days, at 35 per day plus the tow.

    It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle has insurance. Your in the big boy world now. Accept the responsibility or ride the bus……..

    Mr. Goodhi © February 23, 2011 at 4:17 am

    You don’t have a chance of winning anything in regards to your case.

    Pinche Wey (orale vato) February 23, 2011 at 4:17 am

    That pig bastard. While technically he was in his legal right to do so, he’s still a pig bastard, probably chose you randomly, trying to fill those quotas, bad luck brother. You may be able to sue if you say racial profiling, who knows?

    mdevito18 February 23, 2011 at 4:17 am

    Lets see you were driving a car without insurance. That in turn makes registration suspended, that in turn makes it a legal stop. Maybe you need another job to pay for your own stuff instead of your mommy

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