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by admin on December 27, 2011

While in a management training program this employee was injured on the job. After seeing doctor she went back to the workplace with restrictions that would at least let her work as a cashier but was told be her manager that the company would not allow her to work. After about 6 weeks she contacted corporate who got her back to work. When she got back to work they told her some money came up missing and terminated her. She was not paid income benefits while out of work but her medical bills and medication were paid. Attorney Joe Boyd said she needed to speak with an attorney. Even though her medical bills were paid her claim was not actually accepted as a workers compensation claim. Insurers are allowed to pay the claim without assessing the claim in order to investigate and make certain the injury occurred on the job or if it was a pre-existing injury or some other issue that they may argue about. Termination for cause is a defense for even having to pay income benefits if the claim is later accepted. Injured worker needs to file claim within a year of the last medical treatment to be a valid claim. Macon Georgia Hurt On The Job For the best representation on workers comp claims in Macon Georgia contact the Law Firm of Reynolds, Horne & Survant located at 6320 Peake Road in Macon Georgia. Telephone: 478-405-0300 or 1-800-537-3238 Macon Georgia Hurt on the Job Hurt On The Job, Workers Comp Reynolds, Horne & Survant 6320 Peake Road Macon, GA 31210-6610 1-800- 537-3238 www

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