WWE Raw episode 1, May 9 2011. "Who will win the WWE title chase"?

by admin on May 13, 2011

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All 40 WWE superstars are around ring as Vince makes his way to the ailse.
Vince, "There is a reason I sent you all to the ring tonight, I have with me the WWE championship http://usera.ImageCave.com/joel/wwe title.jpg that right now is vacant & 1 of you right now has the chance to earn yourself a spot at winning it. So… whilst you’re all out there, lets have a good ol battle royal, the last 8 men in the ring will advance onto a tournament to decide the new WWE champion."
40 man Battle Royal.
King " Wow! Curt Hawkins is immediately eliminated by The Rock!"
Shane "Well if ya can’t hang, ya gonna crash land with a bang King Fisher"
Mankind eliminates Shawn Michaels with a clothesline eliminating himself in the process "Makind is out of control!" Shawn & Mankind fight on the outside as we go to commercial break.
When we come back
Alberto eliminated by Test
D-Lo eliminated by HHH
Drew McIntyre eliminated by New Age Outlaws
Jeff Hardy eliminated by Steve Austin
Faarooq eliminated by Benoit & Eddie Guerrero
Chris Benoit eliminated by Eddie Guerrero straight after as Eddie held arms out & smiled.
Bubba eliminated by Christian
Big Boss Man eliminated by Steve Austin
JR "We’re down to 29 superstars.. no wait, HHH is eliminated by Steve Austin, D-Von eliminated by Zack Ryder"
King "action is fast & furious"
Shane "Its a crapshoot out there"
JR "Zack Ryder was just eliminated by CM Punk but a galant effort"
King, "Punk is leaving the ring JR under the bottom rope"
(Punk cuts a promo on how straight edge will win him this battle royal & gets back in)
Undertaker eliminates Punk immediately.
King "Oh No… what happened to winning the battle royal Punk?…"
Shane, "What’s Evan doing?.. He just drop kicked Kane of the top knocking him over the top rope!"
JR "That was a slobberknocker!"
King "Well John Morrison is now trying to slobberknock Bourne out of the ring"
Shane "Brock Lesnar eliminates them both"
John Cena FUs Batista over the top rope
Christian eliminates Road Dogg
Owen Hart eliminates William Regal
Bret & Undertaker eliminate Big Show
King "This is supposed to be everyman for himself!"
Shane "Have you seen Big Show?"
Matt Hardy eliminates Billy Gunn
Edge eliminates Matt Hardy
Undertaker eliminates Bret Hart
Ken Shamrock eliminates John Cena
Christian eliminated by Kurt Angle
Austin eliminates Orton
JBL eliminates Test
Austin eliminates Owen
Lesnar eliminates Kurt Angle
Eddie is eliminated by The Rock
JR. "We’re down to our final 8: Lesnar, Jericho, Edge, Undertaker, Shamrock, The Rock, Austin & JBL will all advance to the WWE title tournament to crown the champion"

Vince comes out: Stay where you are, the remaining 8 will all compete in a 8 man tag match in the main event tonight with JBL, Edge, Ken Shamrock, & Brock Lesnar vs Chris Jericho, The Rock, Steve Austin & The Undertaker

Divas tag team match
Molly Holly & Maryse vs Lita & Natalya
After a couple tags and near falls, Lita pins Molly Holly after her Swinging DDT. (6:34)

Backstage HHH is going berzerk about being eliminated from the battle Royal.
Michael Cole "How do you fee.."
HHH "How do I feel?" HHH punches Cole in the face & promises he’ll get his WWE title shot.

Kane vs Evan Bourne
Kane pins Bourne after he catches him coming of the top into a Chockeslam for the pin at (3:47)

HHH vs D-Lo Brown
The match is a none starter when HHH attacks D-Lo and ends up nailing him with his sledgehammer busting him wide open as officials run down to seperate him

C.M Punk hits the ring again.
"It wasn’t my straight edge life style that stopped me from going onto the WWE title tournament, it’s people’s bitter jealosuy of me & Undertaker, staright edge is better than you!"

Main Event 8 Man Tag
JBL, Edge, Ken Shamrock, & Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho, The Rock, Steve Austin & The Undertaker
Steve Austin & Ken Shamrock start off as Austin punches Shamrock who grabs his arm & tries a Arm Bar.
Austin gets out of the armbar & Brock Lesnar tags in as Brock demands to face Undertaker.
Taker is happy to oblige as they both lock up & Brock pushes Taker into his own corner where his team mates grab him & Brock runs in with a Clothesline as the 4 of em quaduple team Taker.
5 minutes later later JBL goes for his Clothesline from Hell but Taker hits a Big Boot & both men callapse on the floor as they both go for the tag. JBL hits the tag 1st tagging in Edge as Taker manages to tag in The Rock who lays the smacketh down on JBL with right hands at the turnbuckle.
Triple H runs down the aile & yanks Steve Austin of ring side & they both start brawling. Austin manages to clothesline HHH over the barrier & goes after him
(it cut the ending off so here it is}
Brock tags himself in and attacks the distracted Rock from behind and hits his F-5 for the 3 count at 14:56.
Brock signals he wil be the new WWE champion. His team mates in the ring all stare at him before attacking him and they all brawl.
Punk runs down with a chair and hits Undertaker with it over the head and leans over him holding the chair up as the show goes of the air.
(continues on thursday night smackdown)

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    τhε ḋεαḋṃαṉ May 13, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    Nice, I really like it.

    "The match is a none starter when HHH attacks D-Lo and ends up nailing him with his sledgehammer busting him wide open as officials run down to seperate him" = Priceless.

    Silent Bob May 13, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    Great pilot episode. I especially enjoyed the commentating. That was very creative. Also like how you made Shane Mcmahon the third announcer. Keep’em coming…..

    Noemi Faris May 13, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    You got me…Is that what you are looking for?

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